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    Food & Water Europe monitors the practices of multinational corporations that impact our food and water. We work with grassroots organizations around the world to create a genuinely economically and environmentally viable future. Learn more and sign up to learn more about how we can work together to protect our access to clean, safe, affordable food and water.


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    FInd out what we’ve been up to lately, what’s happening in 2014 and how you can join our efforts to keep Europe’s food and water safe.


    There is a battle brewing over who owns water. A resource as vital as water should not be exposed to the highest bidder. In the past decade the privatization of water resources in Europe has seen a rapid increase and big companies have profited from this.


    In European discussions on energy security, shale gas is often presented as a game changer. However, a whole range of environmental problems have been identified with shale gas development. Learn more about fracking. Get involved with the Global Frackdown.

    Questionable Technologies

    Rather than support real farming and proper safety standards, companies looking to keep profits up often turn to techno-fixes that put our health and environment at risk. 


    European agriculture is in the midst of a radical transformation. Small-scale family farms — for centuries the backbone of European economic and social vitality — are disappearing at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, industrial, factory-style operations are proliferating, to the detriment of the economy, the environment, and food safety.

    Consumer Rights

    Consumers rely on regulators and governments to rigorously and impartially ensure that food and its packaging are safe and that companies are being held to account for their practices.


    Industrial-scale fishing run by multinational corporations is now threatening both the fish and the people who rely on them. What is happening is not universally agreed: some studies suggest fish stock are close to collapsing, while some fishers say their catches show clear signs of strong recovery.

    Common Resources

    Food & Water Watch’s Common Resources program focuses on pollution trading schemes, water markets, public-public partnerships, catch shares and offshore aquaculture. Watch the video: Stop the Takeover of Nature by Financial Markets.